Cancer Treatment

LA Vascular Specialists

Vascular Specialists located in Beverly Hills, CA & Encino, CA

We provide a full range of care for patients diagnosed with cancer, from long term venous access (Port-A-Cath®) for chemotherapy, nerve blocks to reduce cancer-associated pain, and treatments. Some types of cancer may be suitable for treatment via a minimally invasive image guided approach and avoid a large surgery, with minimal pain and side effects. We provide compassionate care while working closely with our team of oncologists and surgeons to offer safe and effective treatments.

- Percutaneous tumor ablation
- Transarterial chemoembolization/radioembolization
- Renal Cancer
- Liver Cancer
- Long term venous access (Port-A-Cath®)
- Nerve blocks for pain relief


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cancer treatment or Tratamiento para el Cáncer in LA, CA