Sclerotherapy Complications

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Potential complications following Sclerotherapy:

  • Infection: Minimized by strict sterile technique
  • Bleeding: Minor bleeding may occur, but can be relieved with 5 minutes of moderate pressure.
  • Skin Changes: Sometimes hard lumpiness can appear under the skin, which is often a result of the treated vein becoming scar tissue and going away.
  • Trapping: Refers to blood pooling back into the vein after treatment, which can be uncomfortable and tender in those areas. This condition is fairly common and can be easily fixed by draining the leftover blood from the vein during a follow up visit. The best way to prevent trapped blood is to wear the prescription strength compression stockings as directed following the treatment.
  • Skin Ulceration: A rare condition where the outside tissue reacts to the solution.
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT): Less than 1% chance risk. Dr. Massoudi takes precautionary measures to make sure this doesn’t happen.
  • Risk for DVT may be higher with:
  • Personal history of DVT
  • Family history of DVT
  • Preexisting clotting disorders
  • Certain medications
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