May-Thurner syndrome

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May-Thurner syndrome affects the two blood vessels that go to your legs. It could make you more likely to have a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) in your left leg. Your blood vessels carry blood to every part of your body. Your arteries move blood away from your heart, and your veins bring it back. Sometimes, arteries and veins cross over each other. Which causes problems if you have the May-Thurner syndrome.

This condition involves your right iliac artery, which carries blood to your right leg, and the left iliac vein, which brings blood out of your left leg toward your heart.

In the May-Thurner syndrome, when the right iliac artery squeezes crosses and squeezes the left iliac artery in the pelvis, pressure is caused as the blood cannot flow easily through the left iliac vein resulting in Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in your left leg.

Causes and Risk Factors

You’re more likely to get May-Thurner syndrome if you:

• Are female
• Have scoliosis
• Just had a baby
• Have had more than one child
• Take oral birth control
• Are dehydrated
• Have a condition that causes your blood to clot too much


You will probably see no symptoms unless you get a DVT. Feeling of pain and swelling in the legs is usually reported.


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